I had been raised as part of a very large family in Minnesota.  As a middle child always wanting to be recognized, I learned that giving was a great way to be noticed.  Gaining a two year degree from a photographic technical school in Minnesota, I set out to work for a progressive computer imaging corporation in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1982.  In 1984 my calling came from California to escape the bitter winters of Minnesota, which I gladly did.  I applied and have been working for Multi Image Productions in San Diego for 28 years.  Having started out in the optical film arena back then, progressing to the computer realm in 1990.  I am fortunate to work with a firm that travels the world.  I have seen many wonderful places and some not so wonderful with my work travels.
It has been in my nature to help those less fortunate in life as I.  I have done numerous service ventures over the years before I joined the San Diego Uptown Rotary Club in 2011.  Being a Rotary member has really opened my eyes to all the people and organizations that need help out there.  I can say that I derive great pleasure in helping others and the Rotary club is a great outlet to do just that.